The 5k4Refugees mission is simple. Raise money to support refugees and engage others to join us.

This year’s donations will directly support the Fugees Family, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to working with child survivors of war. The organization empowers refugees to integrate successfully into their new country by providing them the support and structure they need to realize their vast potential.

WHY? Imagine surviving the ravages of war. Losing your house. Your community. Your circle of love and support. Imagine starting all over again in a foreign land, where nothing makes sense. The signs, the sounds, the smells — all totally foreign. Imagine waking every day and knowing that even the smallest of tasks will present new challenges. Imagine how you can help.

Join us.

OUR HISTORY: 5K4Refugees began as a group of American expats committed to helping the millions affected by the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Since 2015, 5k4Refugees International Virtual 5k participants in 30 countries raised over $26,000 for CARE International, the International Rescue Committee. (IRC) and the Syrian American Medical Society.


In spring 2018 Luma Mufleh was the closing speaker at the National Association of Independent Schools conference. Hearing her story was incredible, and there were few left in the room with dry eyes. 5k4Refugees decided for this campaign to support the Fugees Family Inc., the founding nonprofit organization for Fugees Academy.

FUGEES STORY: In 2004, Coach Luma Mufleh started a Fugees team to provide refugee boys with free access to organized soccer. Her devotion to the boys extended beyond the soccer field and she found ways to support their lives in their new country through schooling and soccer. The Fugees Academy is the nation’s only school dedicated to refugee education. The school has received SAIS and SACS accreditation, blending creative teaching with academic fundamentals, interwoven with leadership and character building. The Fugees Academy has a unique goal, to educate refugee children in an environment that understands their unique challenges. These children are left behind in a traditional public school system. They come to the United States after being forced to flee their home countries. Most have lived through traumatic experiences and have spent time in refugee camps, where education is neither a priority nor an option.

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