Syrian refugees have traveled countless miles, many on foot, in a desperate attempt to save their own lives. Our mission is to complete a 5k (only 3.1 miles) and raise as much money as we can to help provide financial support along the way. Please join us!

We have created an exciting way for YOU to help Syrian refugees by participating in The 5k4Refugees International Virtual 5k (‪#‎5k4Refugees‬). The run will raise money for the CARE International Syrian Refugee Campaign through your donations, and those funds you help raise. We are a group of civic-minded individuals totally independent of CARE International. Donations will be used for the sole purpose of benefiting Syrian refugees through the work of CARE. This organization has provided relief to over 1 million refugees so far. Our goal is to connect people across the world to participate in a virtual 5k during the month of November and raise at least $5,000 for this important cause. (5k for 5k)

We are a group of expats in a region greatly affected by the Syrian Refugee Crisis. We have seen the crisis unfold. With an increase in refugee families on the streets, news of migrants drowning at sea, and many more Syrians in danger, there is a real need for additional humanitarian assistance. Seeing this at a local level makes it unbearably real. You may have seen the picture of deceased Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi washed ashore on the beach – it struck something deep within us, and we are compelled to act.

In our minds, the best thing we could do is raise funds, and more importantly, awareness for the humanitarian efforts going on to support Syrian refugees. More than 4 million Syrians have been forced to flee their country, and many are children. They embark down a road they don’t want to be on. For those lucky enough to make it to a new country, their finish line is still in the far distance, as their journey to start a new life continues.

It’s easy:
1) Like our Facebook Page!

2) Join our Virtual 5k event on Facebook – make sure you click “join” at the top of the page:

3) T-shirt orders will open on October 15th, for teams that want them. Register your intention with us by October 10th and we will add your location to our t-shirt!

4) Whether it’s just you, or a team, run your 5k anytime in November (December if you have to!) and post a picture of you or your team on the event page.

5) DONATE. We have created a fundraising page on Crowdrise here
Even if you are not a runner, you can still donate to our cause!

6) PROMOTE. Spread the word!!! Tell all your friends and help us raise funds and awareness for these people in need. You can also learn more about CARE here:

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Thanks for reading! 5k for 5k4Refugees – let’s do this!